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Hello and thanks for visiting my site...

My interest in radio and electronics started when I was about 12 after building a crystal set.
I then was a member of various school radio and electronics clubs and started Short Wave Listening at about 13 years of age using R1155 and R107 receivers and a longwire aerial, ending up with an FRG-7700 and an FRG-100 which I still have. I was a Short Wave Listener for 37 years and with the advent of the new style licensing exams in the UK, decided to get licensed! This started with M3JUH (Foundation Licence) in October 2002 and then 2E0MJD (Intermediate Licence) in June 2004. I passed the Advanced Licence Exam in June 2006 and became M0XJP. This callsign belonged to my good friend Don Bache who sadly passed away in February 2006.

M0XJP and 2E0MJD are both my current callsigns for life under the OFCOM licensing system!

The FULL Licence allows me, amongst other things, to operate in CEPT countries - I operate (Alinco DX70TH, ATU & G5RV) from Spain regularly (Last operation 19-24 September 2011) and visit LA ROMANA (IM98ni) ASPE near ALICANTE using the callsign EA5/M0XJP. I have also operated (July/August 2007) from France as F/M0XJP/P in the Alps at SAMOENS (JN36ib) Col de Joux - Plain (1700 meters ASL) and at GALESSIE (JN54sk) near CAHORS, S.W. France (about 300 meters ASL). All foreign operation QSL cards gratefully received and confirmed!

I also operate occasionally as M0XJP/P from the QTH of G0UYN in the Isle of Wight (EU120)

As you can see from the equipment below I use various items to enhance the received sound as my hearing is not the sharpest available! Please be tolerant if we have a QSO - Your callsign phonetically the first time helps me a great deal!

I look forward to our first contact, best 73’s de Martin

Main Station Equipment: IC756 PRO3 / TS2000 / IC910HX / FT817 / MC90 DSP mic /
Heil GM mic with studio and HC4 elements / Heil Proset Plus with HC4 & 5 elements /
MFJ 993 IntelliTuner / bhi NEIM 1031 / MFJ 616 Speech Intelligibility Enhancer/
IC-2KL Linear Amplifier

Operation: SSB, FM, BPSK, RTTY & Feld Hell (MixW 2.16 (Registered) CAT control through MixW RigExpert - USB connected)

Logging: WinLog 32 and SD (for contests)

OS: Windows XP Professional on HP Compaq nc6000 1.6MHz - 512MB RAM

Power Output: Up to 400 Watts


HF: 80/40 trap dipole (N.N.West - S.S.East) at about 11 metres height and also various experimental dipoles from time to time VHF/UHF: Diamond V2000 (Collinear - 6, 2 metres & 70 cms), HB9CV (6 Meters), HB9CV (2 Meters)

Club Membership: RSGB, G-QRP Club no.11567, BARTG no.4252, CDXC, UKSMG no.2388,
GEO no.167, Feld-Hell Club FH260, Stevenage & District Amateur Radio Society 
and Shefford & District Amateur Radio Society (both SADARS), RAOTA no. 2428

Portable working: I use an FT817 (sometimes with a
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-50B Linear amplifier) or FT897
with various Helical Whip pairs in “T” position
on 6 metre slot-in pole or SOTA beam (2 metres)
or 2 Element HB9CV beam (6 metres)
/ SG - 211 Mini Smartuner and dipoles.

QRP working: I use an FT817 with various home made dipoles
/ SG - 211 Mini Smartuner or SOTA beam (2 metres)
also Miracle Whip / Wonder-Wand Tuneable Counterpoise
/ ATX / and Kenwood TH-F7.

Home QTH Locator Details: IO91VU    EU-005    CQ Zone 14    ITU 27    WAB TL21 

QSL: via RSGB buro or direct (100% reply)

Martin Juhe - M0XJP
75, Pondcroft Road,

Contact me:
Skype: martinjuhe


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Winlog 32
SD by Paul O’Kane EI5DI

FT 817 Technical Information (KA7OEI)
FT 817 FAQ (.pdf download)
IC756 PRO 3  (Adam Farson VA7OJ/AB4OJ - ICOM pages)

MixW RigExpert

Amateur Dipole Antenna Calculator

Crystal Calibrator
Radio Modifications - Mods DK

© Martin Juhe M0XJP 2005- 2011

M0XJP VHFNFD 3/7/10 small .jpg
M0XJP shack 11/08.jpg
6mtr working with 817 copy.jpg
12/6/05 copy.jpg
The current M0XJP shack and IC756 PRO3
QTH antenna setup & /P working
 “A” with FT817 & “B” with FT897
QRP mobile on Deacon Hill &
/P at Ryefield Farm (IO91vt)